Beginnings and a Bike


I woke up to the sound of cats batting their toys in a new country. Yesterday, after going for lunch with Hajni and Emily, who welcomed me, took me to my preliminary apartment, helped me get set up, and took me grocery shopping, I lost no time in exploring the city and purchasing a bike. I found a little bike shop, stepped inside, and knew immediately which one I wanted. The shop owner tuned it up for me, told me it was a Hungarian bike, and explained many other things I didn’t understand. I rode away into the uncomprehended.

There are more photos from yesterday, but given the slow internet connection, they will have to wait, as will any longer blog pieces. Also, sleep calls again, so brevity comes in handy.


P.S. This took place in Szolnok, Hungary, where I now live and where I will be teaching as of Monday, November 6. The bike shop is Sprint Kerékpár.

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