Winter Clusters


Here are a few Szolnok scenes from the past few days. Above, some people gather around a table for a warm afternoon beverage.

Here a dog seems to be enjoying the bank of the Zagyva. Some people accompany their dogs down to the water; others wait up on the promenade while the dog romps down and up the hill. Here there’s no cluster, really, but I couldn’t resist including the photo. If you like, you can consider it part of the Szolnok photo cluster, the Zagyva photo cluster, or the cluster of enthusiastic dogs worldwide.


And those specks you see in the water below are ducks; they often cluster around the water trees.


This week has been filled with clusters too: classes, preparations, grocery bags, quick evening hours, bursts of thick sleep.

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  1. Wonderful, these journal entries. What a pleasure to read them!

  2. Judith Croke

     /  December 18, 2017

    Totally agree with Bob, pleasure to read the blog! and see the beautiful pictures!


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