“Chilling and Rhinocerosing”


Yesterday we had a szombat munkanap, a “working Saturday” (one of six such days in Hungary in 2018), so I came in to school. In most of my classes, we reviewed for upcoming tests, but in a relaxed way. One class chose not to spend any more time on review; a student recommended “chilling and Rhinocerosing” (that is, reading Ionesco’s Rhinoceros, which we were on the brink of finishing). The others heartily agreed. So that is what we did.

This past week, Szolnok was filled with Earth Week activities; I have included a few photos below. There was also a symposium at our school, but I didn’t see it in action; that same afternoon I went to another school to take part in a jury for an English-language contest (which proved interesting and enjoyable).

I am about hop on the bike and see how far south I can ride along the Tisza in a few hours. Next weekend I plan to go biking up north (in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén, where I biked a year ago); this is a short prelude.

Update: I biked to Tiszakécske and back, for a total of 68 kilometers. Along the way I saw farm animals, birds (including storks), fields of yellow flowers (maybe canola), and towns with Tisza in their names. I stayed on Eurovelo 11; at times it had its own path, and at times it merged with the road. I could have biked on and on, but this was a good distance for today, given the other things I have to do.

The photo at the top of this piece is from my walk to school last Monday.

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