Ice Cream, Rain, and Shakespeare


We had been looking forward to this for a week, my tenth-grade students and I. We had planned to walk to the Zagyva Cukrászda for an ice cream cone during our last lesson of the year. We had even agreed to meet fifteen minutes early so that we would have enough time. When the hour arrived, the rain could not melt away our plan. We went forth with the umbrellas we had, just barely enough to cover everyone, almost. As we splashed through puddles along the Zagyva, a long line of schoolchildren in colorful rain capes streamed by us on bikes, along with a few adults.


We made our way to the ice cream place, bought ice creams, and stood for a little while under a couple of rooves.


The rain slowed down; as we walked back to school, just a drop or two fell our way, and the wind started to blow. Later the sun came out onto the rooftops. But the rain has already earned honor: it was the obstacle that got in no one’s way. This outing would have been an adventure even in the sun, but the rain made it more so.


Earlier in the day, two ninth-grade students asked me for more videos from the Shakespeare event. Here they are in succession. The first is from the dress rehearsal; the second and third, from the performance.

So the year comes to an end with ice cream, rain, and Shakespeare.

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