Preview of a Walk


This is a placemarker for a story about this evening’s walk in Fort Tryon Park. Nothing much happened—but is that true? What does it mean for something to happen? Stay tuned for a few tentative answers and more. Stay equally tuned for the true story of the cab driver (originally from Crete, in the U.S. for fifty years) who, when I mentioned the ancient Greeks, began praising Socrates to the skies. That was one of the most memorable cab rides of my recent, mid-range, and distant memory. How do you know, right after an event, that it is memorable? You don’t, but you can cast a vote for it in the mind’s senate of thoughts. More on this later, along with everything else promised.

In the meantime, see the birds above and the sparse fireflies below.

P.S. I am here in NYC just overnight right now—back late Thursday night, and then here till Monday morning, when I return to Hungary.

Update: Here is the longer post about the walk. Also fixed some typos here. Still to come: the cab driver praising Socrates, and other promised pieces.


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