Introducing “Megfogalmazások”


I have decided to start a new blog–in Hungarian–and have named it Megfogalmazások, which means “draftings,” “wordings,” or “formulations.” The blog will serve at least two purposes: it will allow me to practice writing in Hungarian, on topics of my choosing, and it will be separate from this blog, whose readers are used to finding something in English (with forays into other languages now and then). I cross-posted this morning’s post in Megfogalmazások and will proceed from there. The current blog, the one you are reading right now, will continue as before. I will say things here about Hungarian language and literature–but when I write a post in Hungarian (or my attempts at Hungarian), it will go on the other blog.

The Megfogalmazások posts will not be correct at first. There will be mistakes, disarrays, non-colloquial expressions. But one day, I hope, the language will lift off.


I took the above photo in August, not far from Szolnok.

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  1. Eirenaios

     /  October 16, 2018

    Just a musical comment to your beautiful picture:

  2. Thank you for this.


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