Thank You

Thanks to everyone who made this a day of songs, good wishes, gifts, help, cheer, and love! I will catch up with the messages in Messenger soon (maybe not tonight), but wanted to report that this has been a happy day indeed. Three of my classes surprised me by singing to me–and they really surprised me, since each class did it in a different way. (True, the last class looked a bit mischievous at the start of the lesson, but that didn’t seem unusual until they burst into song.) A colleague gave me chocolate; another wished me happy birthday in the hallway. Gifts and messages streamed in from family and friends. And then, to top it all off (so to speak), my colleague Nándi helped me get to a dentist quickly. A crown fell off my tooth yesterday, and I dreaded some grievous labyrinthine procedure. But I called the dentist Nándi had recommended (his aunt), made an appointment for this evening, and learned from her that the tooth and crown were both fine and just needed to be reglued together, which she did on the spot. The tooth feels even better than before the mishap; the crown is better situated, like a stable duchy. I would be feeling royal, except for a slight cold and too much to do before tomorrow.

I took the photo in the village of Pácin (I think), during my bike trip. I didn’t realize until afterward that there was a dove flying overhead. It looks like some sort of Photoshop trick, but it isn’t; the bird was there, flying above the ice cream sign, though I didn’t know it at the time.

That is all for tonight. Thank you for the wonderful birthday.

Update: My birthday celebration continued at Szim Salom on Shabbat; I received good wishes, flowers, chocolate, and a delightful (and well-metered) character poem written by János Csonka. Thanks to everyone for the honor and cheer.


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