Happy Hanukkah!


Happy Hanukkah to all! I dedicate this post to the idea of finding (in ourselves and in the world) the kind of fire that lights and warms things but does not burn everything down. To be able to live among each other, see, appreciate, and honor each other, but not take over each other or force others to be who they are not. To survive and build survival for the future, to do more than survive, to make art, enjoy life, tend the land, pursue science, practice faith or not (according to belief, heritage, and wish), take risks, embark on adventure, challenge conventions, speak freely and boldly–but to hold back from greed, waste, cruelty, and rash judgments, and to embed this restraint in our laws and practices. Special thoughts to everyone in Australia, whose country is burning.

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  1. kesheck

     /  December 23, 2019

    Amen. Happy Hanukkah to you.


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