Catching the Light

This is a quick post with pictures I took the other day in my neighborhood. The one above is of the Little Marcipán, closed until summer (the big Marcipán, a block away, remains open). The light in the windows was even more golden than it looks here.

Right across the street from the Little Marcipán: the airplane museum. I was on my way to go running along the Tisza, but stopped here and there to take more pictures, since the sunset was so lovely.

I love the picture above, because if you look in the left-hand corner, you will see the two dogs that were playing with this dog on the wall.

This was a favorite of the day. But not the only one.

This one (above) came close to being my favorite of all: the house with the scraggly trees in front and the sunset colors in the background. But my favorite was the one I took on my street, at the very end.

And that is all. Merry Christmas and Shabbat Shalom, to those who celebrate them, respectively, and to those who don’t but who enjoy a holiday wish all the same.

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