Short Bike Trip, Long Thoughts

Yesterday I took one of many bike trips to Tiszakécske, a town on the way to Szeged. No time for a Szeged trip right now, but this was lovely in its own snowless-wintry way. Here’s a view through a bus stop.

Closer to Tiszakécske, the sunset.

Then scarecrows, or scare-something-or-others, next to a beekeeping place.

Then a church, with a cemetery outside it, near the center of Tiszakécske.

Soon afterward, dark fell, and I took a train back home.

It’s a busy time, and I can barely keep up. The translation project, Folyosó, the Orwell project, regular teaching, and synagogue responsibilities–that’s enough in itself, but on top of that I have been reading Beckett’s trilogy, working out a new story in my head, eating pomegranates (a labyrinthine endeavor), and trying to make sense of what happened at the Capitol on Wednesday. It was good to get on the bike, look around, and let the thoughts sift themselves through. And to come home to the cats.

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  1. Thank you for sharing. Beautiful countryside. And such sweet kitties! ❤


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