The Sziszi Scare

This evening, Dominó came to me meowing and meowing, something he just doesn’t do. He was quite persistent about it. I thought he might be sick or something, but then I noticed that Sziszi was strangely silent. I got up from my desk, and Dominó immediately led me to the bedroom, where I saw the window slightly ajar. Last night I had opened it to air out the room, with the cats shut out of the room; I had closed it again, but not securely enough. Sziszi had jumped out, maybe minutes ago; I had fed her just a little earlier.

I closed the window tight, ran outside, and saw several tomcats wandering around, waiting for their food. One of my upstairs neighbors feeds them. I thought maybe they had scared Sziszi away. But then I saw Sziszi running to the door, then away again, then to the window ledge, trying to leap up onto it. It was too high for her; she kept missing. Poor thing, she wanted so badly to come back home, but didn’t realize I had come out to help her. Then she disappeared under a parked car.

The neighbor who feeds the tomcats came outside; I explained to her what was going on, and we located the car where Sziszi was hiding. She had gone up into the engine. I was scared that she would get hurt in there. Another neighbor heard the commotion and came out onto her balcony in her bathrobe. We explained the situation. Then the first neighbor, the one who feeds the toms, said she’d leave me alone with Sziszi in case the kitty was afraid of so many people around.

Sziszi continued to meow. I went under the car, getting all dirty but not caring, and saw her little face peeking down from the engine area. I reached for her paw and pulled her a little, then grapped her scruff and helped her all the way out. I took her in my arms, waved goodbye to the neighbor on the balcony, and carried Sziszi home. A few minutes later, the tomcat-feeding neighbor knocked on my door to see if Sziszi was with me. I had good news, and Sziszi showed up at the door to confirm it.

You never want that kind of thing to happen. What if I hadn’t been home? What if Sziszi had been out there for hours, and what if, instead of a quiet evening, she had encountered traffic or bad weather? The street is quiet in general, but she might have gotten scared, run out to one of the larger streets, and lost her way back. We were extremely lucky. But it was Dominó who told me what was going on. He knew that he had to get my help. How he knew this, and what he knew, I don’t know.

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  1. Awww, kitty. I’m glad she’s safe. ❤

  2. KenS

     /  January 25, 2021

    Whew!!!! Yes, I’m glad Sziszi is safe.

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