Afternoon Walk

These days have been so busy—with teaching, the translation manuscript, Szim Salom, Folyosó, and the Orwell project—that I barely get outside, except to do basic shopping and, last night, to rescue Sziszi. But today I had to go to school to sign a document, so I made a walk of it, peering into an abandoned building on the way.

After signing the document, I went to Arabica Kávézó, now my favorite café in Szolnok. I love looking around the place, and I bought some jewelry and coffee.

After going grocery shopping, I headed down Szapáry utca and admired the overhanging tree.

Right by the Merci restaurant, I took another picture of rooftops and walls, rooster and moon.

Then came one of the best parts: the Mayfly Bridge (pictured at the top) and the sunset over the Tisza (below). On a walk like this, the loss of time becomes the point of it all. If time were not being lost, walks would be drab, and productivity drabber still.

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